The Toy Man Award of Excellence 2008

The Toy Man Award of Excellence/Editor’s Choice Award/Seal of Approval 2008

The Toy Man Award of Excellence 2008

“JumpStart World Kindergarten is a fascinating 3D world of learning for a child that progresses in response to their own specific pace. Unlike many other educational games where it’s a one size fits all approach, JumpStart World Kindergartenworks in an incremental approach via multiple groups of adventures that capture a child's attention and creates an interactive learning environment.

PLEASE NOTE: We have had serious challenges in the past in the evaluation of a product but this one takes the cake! In our scoring of JumpStart World™ Kindergarten, we could not find a single thing to use to drop the scoring by even a single digit in any category! A perfect score generally just doesn't happen, but we could not find a single solid reason to score this product anything less than a perfect score! Now that's a quality product!”

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