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More Educational Resrouces

JumpStart teaches kids the skills needed to succeed in school and life - the fun way! With membership, your kids will master even more reading, math, art and critical thinking skills through fun-filled learning games

  • Discover 1000s of learning activites
  • Practice over 100 essential skills

Supplemental Digital Learning

At JumpStart, your kids can make the world their own! With membership, your kids will have more fun ways to express themselves through Jumpee clothing, accessories, artwork, pets and more.

  • Hatch, raise and train mythical creatures
  • Adopt cuddly pets and purchase cool rides
  • Decorate a house inside and out

Supplemental Digital Learning

Get premium access to all JumpStart Academy grade based products, including:

  • Math Blaster
  • World of JumpStart
  • JumpStart Preschool
  • JumpStart Kinergarten