Our home products are uniquely designed for your child to learn and grow while having fun. With a vast array of games, content, curriculum, and age groups, we provide the learning edge

  • Relative Learning
  • CORE and STEM curriculum designs
  • Engaging storylines to keep your learner engaged
  • Get customized tracking reports

Our teacher-focused products give you the tools to not only help your curriculum design but deliver content kids have fun playing

  • Unique teacher portal
  • Customized in classroom tracking
  • CORE curriculum progression
  • Tailored experience of student's strengths and weaknesses

Proven Results

Through our products, the growth of our users is our most fundamental goal and something we value highly. Through years of expertise, tracking and product adjustments, the experience we provide our users, not only improves their school education but also how they learn.

Fun Educational Games for Kids - JumpStart

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Ages 3-4
Bootstrap Thumbnail Second
Ages 5-6
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Ages 5-9
Bootstrap Thumbnail Third
Ages 5-9
Bootstrap Thumbnail Fourth
Ages 6-12
Bootstrap Thumbnail Fifth
Ages 8-12