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Word Family Worksheets

Word family worksheets are a great resource for teaching phonics to first and second graders. Check out JumpStart’s collection of free and printable word family worksheets online.

Word Family Worksheets for Kids

Word family worksheets are very helpful in practicing word families with young readers. Word families are the first lesson in reading independently. Use word family worksheets to help your students master this lesson with ease. Word family worksheets generally focus on a single word family, and ask students to identify the words in the word family using the images provided. This activity helps students understand the concept of word families, and also tests their familiarity with the beginning consonant sounds. Older students are generally expected to come up with the different words in a word family without any helpful clues. This activity helps students practice rhyming words – an important first step to writing rhymes and poems later on.

Printable Word Family Worksheets

The word family worksheets on JumpStart are free and printable, making them easy to use for parents and teachers. You can find worksheets for simple word families like an word family worksheets, at word family worksheets, in word family worksheets and en word family worksheets. You can also try out the more challenging worksheets like the am word family worksheets, ig word family worksheets, op word family worksheets, ot word family worksheets, ag word family worksheets and ox word family worksheets.

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