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Rounding and Estimation Worksheets

Use JumpStart’s rounding and estimation worksheets to help your students get the hang of these important math concepts.

Rounding Numbers Worksheets

Rounding numbers is a simple math concept, but it takes practice to get the hang of it. Use our rounding and estimation worksheets to give your students valuable rounding practice. Children begin by learning to round to the nearest ten, and then move on to rounding to the nearest hundred, thousand and so on. Older kids can learn to round fractions by using our free and printable rounding fractions worksheets.

Estimation Worksheets

Estimation is a quick way of calculating the approximate answer to a math problem. Estimation helps people cross-check answers and find approximate values without spending too much time doing lengthy math problems. Teach your students this useful math skill with our free rounding and estimation worksheets. Kids can begin learning to estimate at a very young age. For kids who know how to add, use our estimating sums worksheets to teach them the basics of estimation. As kids learn how to multiply, they can also start practicing with estimating products worksheets as well.

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