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Reading and Comprehension Worksheets

An essential skill for all kids, reading expands comprehension and cultivates creativity and imagination. Reading worksheets for kids offer a great way to develop and improve reading skills.

Here are some interesting reading worksheets and activities to get the learning started!

Reading Worksheets for Preschool

Reading Worksheets for Kindergarten


Reading Worksheets for 1st Grade

Reading Worksheets for 2nd Grade


Reading Worksheets for 3rd Grade


Reading Worksheets for 4th Grade

Reading Worksheets for 5th Grade

Fun Short Stories for Kids


Free Reading Worksheets for Kids

An excellent resource for all parents and teachers, worksheets are great for tracking the learning curve of kids. There are a host of free and printable reading worksheets available online for kids of all ages. These worksheets encourage quick learning and expand horizons as kids sharpen their reading and comprehension skills.

At JumpStart, you will find a host of exciting and interesting reading activities and worksheets. They serve as great teaching aids for parents and teachers who are looking for ways to improve their kids’ reading abilities. Essential to a child’s academic growth, reading skills are important to master at an early age.

Different Kinds of Reading Activities and Worksheets for Kids

Reading can be an extremely enjoyable activity for kids. It opens up the kids to a whole new world as they improve their vocabulary, spelling and grammar. Our reading worksheets instill in kids an interest and aptitude for reading. Encouraging kids to develop an interest in reading has many advantages. It helps them write, comprehend and express themselves better.

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