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Phonics Worksheets

Phonics worksheets are a great way for young learners to practice phonics lessons. Help your little ones learn to read with the help of JumpStart’s free phonics worksheets.

What is Phonics?

Phonics is the system of relationships between the sounds and letters of a language. When your child's kindergarten teacher tells him that the letter 'G' is pronounced as //guh// (as in 'gap') she is teaching him phonics.A child that has mastered phonics can read and spell better and knows which letters he needs to use for writing words.

Printable Phonics Worksheets

JumpStart’s wide range of printable phonics worksheets covers important lessons in reading. Our kindergarten phonics worksheets help five year olds learn the consonant sounds. With first grade phonics worksheets, you can help your six year old learn the vowel sounds and sound out CVC words. Help your seven year old master consonant and vowel blends and learn all about word families with our fun second grade phonics worksheets. Just print our free phonics worksheets, grab a pencil and start your young learner on the road to reading!

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