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National Symbols Worksheets

All states countries and nations in the world have their own unique set of national symbols. These can be verbal (songs), visual (flags) designed to represent and unify people through shared goals, values and history. These symbols occupy pride of place during celebrations of historical or patriotic events.

National symbols are important because they are our link with a common past and remind us of our heritage. They are often displayed during important events – in the Olympic medal ceremony, for instance, athletes wear the representative colors of their country as their national anthem plays in the background.

Some common national symbols include flags, coat-of-arms, the Father of the Nation or Founding Fathers, national colors and national emblems.

National Symbols Worksheets

Teaching Value of these Printable National Symbols worksheets

  • These introduce your child to national landmarks, symbols and monuments and the values or events they represent.
  • Your child learns about important historical documents and the histories of national symbols and landmarks.
  • He understands the importance of civic values, cherished national ideals and participation in the classroom, community and civic life.

Check out the National Symbols worksheets today!

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