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Drawing Worksheets

Learning to draw is as easy as pie! Try these printable drawing worksheets for kids and see for yourself!

Learn to Draw with Free Drawing Worksheets

Teaching your child how to draw requires time and patience. The steps below show you how you can make the process easier and help your child give free rein to his creativity.

  1. Explain that the ability to draw is largely is a matter of practice, and that he will eventually get it right if he persists.
  2. Have your child make a rough draft of his intended picture. This will give him an idea of how he wants his final picture.
  3. Start him off with a simple object with straight lines that are easy to copy.
  4. Place the object where he can see it clearly and help him identify the shapes he will need to draw in order to draw the full object.
  5. Break down the process of drawing into small steps so that your child can take a break and return to it later if he wants. This will also help him pay attention to details.
  6. Have him draw the object several times till he gets it right. Repetition is as important here as it is for learning how to write.

That should hopefully make it easier for your child to learn to draw basic pictures. You will find more kids’ art activities here.

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