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Comprehension Worksheets

Is your child able to understand what he reads? Use our free comprehension worksheets to find out how good your child is at reading comprehension.

Importance of Reading Comprehension Worksheets for Kids

Reading involves a vast array of complex cognitive processes. Comprehension occurs when you understand what you read. There is a vast difference between being able to read and being able to understand what is being read. Older children tend to read and comprehend almost simultaneously but younger children might not be able to make the connection easily. You can help your child improve at reading comprehension with free and printable reading comprehension worksheets.

Free and Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets

It is vital that kids become strong readers with good comprehension skills. Without well-developed comprehension skills, your child is merely tracking symbols visually without knowing what they mean. Free printable comprehension worksheets teach your child to:
  • Be aware of what he does understand.
  • Identify what he does not understand.
  • Use appropriate strategies to fix his comprehension problems.

Have him do the free printable Comprehension worksheets and see the difference!

And when he’s done with them, don’t forget to check out our free reading and comprehension worksheets for kids of all ages.

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