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Color by Letter Worksheets

Fill your child’s life with colors! Printable Color by Letter worksheets help your child identify the letters of the alphabet and get familiar with colors and shapes. Browse through them today!

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Color by Letter Worksheets – Free Printables for Kids

These are a range of interactive coloring pages where kids need to identify which alphabet goes with what color (with the help of a color-letter code key, of course) and color the picture accordingly.

They are educational but fun – even the most hyperactive kid will love filling them up with pretty colors. That’s because your child gets to have his cake and eat it too – practice his letter recognition skills and have loads of fun all the while.

Online color by letter worksheets also help young children develop cognitive skills and improve their hand-eye coordination. Moreover, they learn the virtues of focusing the task at hand, concentrating for a stretch of time and following instructions to complete it.

Free color by letter worksheets have been specially designed keeping in mind the needs and skill levels of preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade students.

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