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History Activities

Make history fun for your kids with our range of history activities for kids. Browse through our varied history activities today, download them and make learning about the past enjoyable apart from being educative. Our fun history activities for kids promise to bring the past alive for the young learners of the subject!

  • Town of Boxes - Free Labor Day activity for kidsTown of Boxes
  • Many Occupations - kids' labor day activityMany Occupations
  • Being a Doctor - Free labor day activityBeing a Doctor
  • History of the State - Printable Social Studies Activities for Grade 3 History of the State
  • President for a Day - Free Printable 5th Grade Social Studies Activities President for a Day
  • Presidents and Prime Ministers - Printable Social Studies Activities for Grade 5 Presidents and Prime Ministers
  • The Presidents Quiz - Fun Free Social Studies Activities The Presidents Quiz
  • Free Printable History Activities

    When children begin learning history, they are usually bombarded with a lot of data that they are expected to commit to memory. As the history curriculum taught in schools across the country covers national as well as world history, it is vast. The vastness of the subject has managed to scare many kids and put them off it. But that is history now, thanks to JumpStart’s fun, free and printable history activities. Make learning history an enjoyable endeavor for your kids. Browse through our extensive list of history lesson activities and download now!

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