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Earth Activities

The Earth is one of the most amazing planets in the solar system. Teach your kids about our terrestrial home through this series of printable earth science activities.

Teaching your kids about Planet Earth

Does your five year-old know where he lives? Sure, he knows he lives with Mom and Dad in Cincinnati, Ohio and Granny and Aunt Beth live in Virginia. But does he know where he lives in relation to the rest of the world, not to mention the rest of the universe?

Children need to know that they live in a suburb in a city in a state in a country on a planet in a universe. This can get very confusing and tedious, unless the information is presented in an interesting hands-on manner.

There are tons of ways of doing this – check out these earth activities for kids – designed to keep them happily engaged in learning about the planet and their place in it.

And when they’re done, have them try other free science activities that help make learning fun for your youngster!

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