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Madagascar Math Ops

Madagascar Math Ops - Mobile App for Kids

Now your child has the opportunity to join DreamWorks Madagascar’s Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico as they embark on an adventure to save the Zoosters. Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria have been kidnapped by enemy agents and the penguins are in need of a final team member that can help them in this mathematical covert operation. They will need to use their cunning, bravery, and mathematical skills to rescue their friends.

As an operative, your child will be equipped with the latest in penguin technology. Kowalski has devised an incredible device—the Equationator—that uses math to create fuel made out of soda. Your child will use their math knowledge to produce soda fuel to power special jet packs in order to launch an aerial assault on enemy bases and rescue the Zoosters!

Hours of adventure and learning await your child as they utilize simple, intuitive gameplay to fly their jet packs. They will solve fun yet challenging math problems that will help them fuel their equipment to aid the penguins and save the Zoosters.

Special Features:

  • Play with your favorite Madagascar friends: Team up with Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private to save the Madagascar crew!
  • Hours of engaging physics-based gameplay: With over 80 levels of gameplay and a variety of jet pack ammo, your child won’t be able to put the game down!
  • Make math exciting and fun: Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with 3 difficulty modes to address your child’s specific needs. Your child will encounter thousands of math problems ranging from 1st to 4th grade, consistent with nation-wide school standards for mathematics.
  • Exciting boosts and upgrades: Power-ups will be at your child’s disposal to make their gameplay experience more enjoyable as they free the Zoosters!
  • Explore the world: Your child will fly across the globe as they visit New York, Paris, and more!

Madagascar Math Ops

  • Madagascar Math Ops - Fun Educational Mobile App for Kids
  • Madagascar Math Ops - Fun Mobile App for Kids
  • Madagascar Math Ops - Fun Educational Mobile App
  • Madagascar Math Ops - Fun Educational Mobile App


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