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"Have fun go to the zoo! "
- Stephanie GoofyToe
"There is so much to do and see at the Zoo like visit the Zoosters from Madagascar! Stop by today and you can learn all kinds of fun facts about them, solve fun puzzles, or catch the train to the European Habitat for more adventures! "
- Frankie
"I love JumpStart and Math Blaster I have so much fun playing it. I get on it everyday!"
- Amber Swan
"Wow! I’ll be sure to share this out-of this-world news with my buddy Max. He will be so happy to hear that you’ve been visiting the space station to put your Math skills to good use!"
- Frankie
"I love my egg!"
- Ryan RicketyGecko
"That’s great to hear! Be sure to take good care of your Eggling by teaching it to dance and tickling it to keep it happy."
- Frankie
"I just want to thank my cousin because he plays JS and together we have fun all around the world! "
- Alex BlueBear
"I’m glad to have such amazing explorers, hanging around JumpStart! Best of luck on all your future adventures. "
- Frankie
"Tell your friends about Jumpstart it is awesome!!!!! "
- Teresa SparklePuppy
"Thanks for inviting your fellow Jumpeez to tell their friends about JumpStart! It is great to see friends join and explore the many worlds and adventures in our online game! "
- Frankie
"I love JUMPSTART because it has learning games to help with your school work and help you whenever."
- Erin FairyTail
"There is so much fun to be had in JumpStart! We love hearing that you’re enjoying the way that we make learning fun! "
- Frankie
"I want a shout out to Frankie because I got to do some fun stuff around Jumpstart so thank you!"
- Brian HappyFace
"Thank you for the shout out, Brian HappyFace! We’re glad that you are having a fun time. Your love of the game means a lot to the JumpStart Friends and I. "
- Frankie
"I love Windy Hollows. You should go to Windy Hollows today!"
- Isabella SwiftJewel
"I am happy to hear that you are having so much fun in Windy Hollows, Isabella SwiftJewel! There are so many activities you can do with fellow Jumpeez including the Windy Hollows Broom Ball Match!"
- Frankie
- Joseph LavaDuck
"There is so much fun to be had in JumpStart, New York! From Sushi Chop to FunZones and the Zoosters in Central Park, there are surprises around almost every corner."
- Frankie
"Welcome to JumpStart, an amazing adventure!"
- Hannah ShinyFeather
"Thanks for welcoming your fellow Jumpeez to this exciting journey ahead! After all, exploration and adventure are key to learning in JumpStart!"
- Frankie
"Jump start is the BEST GAME IN THE WORLD!!!!"
- Jordan WhiteDaisy
"We’re glad to have you as a fan, Jordan WhiteDaisy! You review of the game means a lot to the JumpStart Friends and I."
- Frankie
- Elizabeth SweetMist
"Your neighborhood is an exciting place for self-expression, fun and connecting with friends and we’re glad to see that you’re using it for just that."
- Frankie
"New Ridez coming soon!"
- Joseph FrostHawk
"That’s right, Joseph FrostHawk! New Ridez are regularly brought into our DownTown Store. Thanks for helping spread the word on all the fun ways Jumpeez can customize their JumpStart adventure."
- Frankie
"Tell your friends about JumpStart... it’s great!"
- Isabella ChillyOak
"The JumpStart friends and I really appreciate the amazing recommendation, Isabella ChillyOak! We’re glad to have you as a fan."
- Frankie
"I just played hide'n'seek with mort ..."
- Ryan ThunderBolt
"Mort is a fun friend to play with while exploring the Zoosters’ European Habitat, Ryan ThunderBolt! Don’t forget to check out all of the other fun features while you’re there."
- Frankie
"I love JumpStart and my favourite thing to do in JumpStart is taking care of my Mythies!"
- Heather SparkleCoyote
"You sound like a dedicated and caring Jumpee, Heather SparkleCoyote! Keep up all the great work that you’ve been putting in around the Enchanted Sanctuary."
- Frankie
- Sofia Swan
"Whoa! Now that’s the way to get heard and reach out to all your Jumpee pals, Sofia Swan. See you around JumpStart!"
- Frankie
- Isabella SilverSwan
"What an amazing achievement for any Jumpee! You must have some amazing tales to tell about your JumpStart adventures, Isabella SilverSwan! "
- Frankie
- Jasmine ShinyKitty
"The JumpStart friends and I do too, Jasmine ShinyKitty! We’re glad to have you as a fan."
- Frankie
"Lily is the coolest Jumpee ever!"
- Lily RedJewel
"Thanks for introducing yourself to all the amazing Jumpeez in our online world, Lily Red Jewel! Keep up all the great work around JumpStart."
- Frankie
- Ashley TwinklePanda
"Happy birthday, Ashley TwinklePanda! The JumpStart friends and I wish you a day full of fun and adventure."
- Frankie
"I’m having a neighborhood block party at my house COME AND HAVE FUN!"
- Kate LavaKitty
"What a great way to meet new Jumpeez, Kate Lava Kitty! Thanks for the invitation. I’ll see you there!"
- Frankie
"Hey – you’re the best-est friend ever, Chloe JollyPanda!"
- Claire PinkSwan
"I’m sure your pal will really appreciate this special shout out, Claire PinkSwan! Thanks for being such a great friend to your in-game buddies."
- Frankie
"Don’t just sit there… Have some fun and explore!"
- Olivia RainbowPuppy
"That is some amazing advice, Olivia RainbowPuppy! After all, there is so much to do and see around JumpStart. We wouldn’t want any of your fellow Jumpeez to miss out! "
- Frankie
"I got 87 Coins with mine from games. "
- Lance SilverMist
"OWhat an awesome accomplishment, Lance SilverMist! Great job and keep up the great work."
- Frankie
"I want to give a shout out to Jim WonderRhino! BEST DUDE 4EVER!!"
- Lily FunnyKitty
"What a sweet shout out, Lily FunnyKitty! It’s great to see Jumpeez making new friends around the game and I’m sure Jim WonderPuppy will really appreciate your Shout Out."
- Frankie
"I would like to give a shout-out to my friend Taylor FlameWolf. She is so kind hearted and funny!"
- Jordan FrostWolf
"Friends help make JumpStart a fun and exciting place to explore, Jordan FrostWolf! It’s great to see you connecting with some of your fellow Jumpeez."
- Frankie
"I got glasses today and they look cute!"
- Olivia IceTail
"What a cool look, Olivia IceTail! And, don’t forget that there are all kinds of awesome accessories at the Threadz store to help you customize your Jumpeez unique style while you’re in JumpStart! "
- Frankie
"Hi, world! I am Rachel and I am always on a move in JS. You should check out MainStreet. It’s an awesome place! "
- Jasmine SweetDolphin
"You sound like quite the explorer, Jasmine SweetDolphin! Thanks for pointing your fellow Jumpeez to this exciting area of JumpStart World."
- Frankie
"Frankie has been so supportive of me. He has guided me through JumpStart, so if you ever get stuck ask him!"
- Gabriella TwinklePuppy
"I love helping out my Jumpee pals, Gabriella TwinklePuppy. Thanks for the special shout out and I hope to see you around sometime soon!"
- Frankie
"Mythies are so awesome especially when they learn how to fly!"
- Julia BreezeDaisy
"I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying this fun and fantastic Enchanted Sanctuary feature, Julia BreezeDaisy! "
- Frankie
"When I go to Italy, I stop by the train station. I love trains! "
- Shwetha SparkleTsunami
"The train at the Central Park Zoo provides some amazing views of the Zoosters’ European Habitat, Shwetha SparkleTsunami! I’m so happy to hear that you’ve been enjoying the ride. "
- Frankie
"I love Windy Hollows because it’s a nice vacation spot, if you don’t mind getting turned into a frog :)"
- Matt Wolf
"I love visiting Windy Hollows too, Matt Wolf! Hopefully you have had a chance to use a few charms of your own to turn your Jumpee pals into all kinds of silly creatures! "
- Frankie
"J.S rocks! The new additions for winter are so cool and this is the BEST website EVER! "
- Sydney SilverSwan
"Our Winter Wonderland FunZone and features help us spread a little seasonal cheer around the game. It is so great to hear that you’re enjoying the season, Sydney Silver Swan!"
- Frankie
"I have some PhotoBombs to share!"
- Rachel FairyGem
"That is great, Rachel FairyGem! Submit your best shots from your PhotoBomb Album for a chance to be chosen as one of our two weekly PhotoBomb of the Week winners! "
- Frankie
"It is winter, which means time to drink hot cocoa by the fire!! "
- April SkyFox
"What a great winter time tradition, April SkyFox! Hot cocoa is perfect for this time of year"
- Frankie
"Happy New Year! There are lots of celebrations here, in JumpStart"
- Sydney SparklePuppy
"Thanks for this New Year greeting, Sydney SparklePuppy! We’re so glad to hear that you’re celebrating 2014 with your friends in JumpStart."
- Frankie
"Help the snowman grow at DownTown! "
- Matt FunnyFace
"Hopefully you and your pals are able to complete this task before the end of the winter season, Matt FunnyFace! Shout outs like these are a great way to recruit your pals for a new in-game adventure."
- Frankie
"Today I got my first Mythie"
- Elizabeth BraveEmber
"Congratulations, Elizabeth BraveEmber! You’ve done a great job on accomplishing this major JumpStart milestone."
- Frankie
"I want to give a shout out to the JumpStart Times for the news!"
- Andrew GoldenFalcon
"On behalf of the news team, I’d like to thank you for this special shout out, Andrew GoldenFalcon! Keep checking into the game for new issues of our newspaper."
- Frankie
"Breaking news new hall of fame winner is Hannah bravehart!!!"
- Hannah BraveHeart
"Congratulations on earning so many new JumpStars, Hanna BraveHeart! Great job and keep up all the great work you’ve done around JumpStart."
- Frankie
"I am so excited for the Winter Wonderland FunZone!! It has so much detail and is really fun!!"
- Alexandra PinkQuartz
"Our festive FunZones for winter will be arriving soon, Alexandra PinkQuartz! Keep checking back into the game for regular seasonal updates."
- Frankie
"I love my golden boat Ride!!!"
- Ashley PrettyJewel
"This ride is one that Jumpeez can earn by having their in-world pals help them unlock the mystery box in their Jumpee’s neighborhood. Great work, Ashley PrettyJewel! I’m so glad that you are enjoying the prize."
- Frankie
"OMG!!! I love Freefall. It is so awesome. You got to try it! "
- April JollyGem
"Freefall Mountain is an exciting, high flying adventure, April JollyGem. Thanks for sharing your game recommendations with your fellow Jumpeez!"
- Frankie
"Mythies are awesome!"
- Savannah SilverFalcon
"These popular Enchanted Sanctuary pals are great companions for Jumpeez exploring the JumpStart World, Savannah SilverFalcon. Don’t forget that you can release your Mythie to Flight School to raise, train, and care for any one of our other Mythie types! "
- Frankie
"Go to the JS Stadium, today! "
- Paul IceHawk
"The JS Stadium is an amazing place for sports fans and beginners to enjoy their favorite games while still putting their knowledge to the test. Thanks for spreading the word about this awesome in-game location!"
- Frankie
"I am throwing a holiday PARTY for all my Jumpee friends!"
- Rebecca Wolf
"Thanks for being such a great host, Rebecca Wolf! With each part you throw, you’ll be closer to earning our Party Planner achievement!"
- Frankie
- Derrick YellowCoyote
"The Penguins are always looking for new recruits to help them collect intel around JumpStart, Derrick YellowCoyote! Thanks for letting everyone know about the adventures that await them in HQ."
- Frankie
"I was in Italy and I saw Mort!"
- Marissa PrettyHeart
"Mort is always looking for a friend to play with over in the Zooster’s European habitat, Marissa PrettyHeart! Be sure to come back soon to test your skills at finding him around this part of the game."
- Frankie
"HI, JumpStart! I’m new here. You should go to AdventureLand. It’s AWESOME! "
- Diego GoofyNoodle
"Welcome to JumpStart, Diego GoofyNoodle! We’re so glad to hear that you’re already having so much fun in AdventureLand. I love helping players through all of the exciting missions there. See you around!"
- Frankie
"I want to be a mermaid! "
- Molly SweetBreadth
"That’s the perfect goal to set for yourself when you’re working through the MarineLand missions, Molly SweetBreadth! Once you earn all 15 sand dollars, you’ll be able to add a mermaid like swim tail to your in-game collection."
- Frankie
"My favorite person on Jumpstart is Isabella StarCoyote. She’s funny, fun, crazy, and one of the best people I know. If you are looking for a good friend, she’s the best! "
- Caleb Wolf
"It sounds like you’ve got an amazing friend in JumpStart, Caleb Wolf! We’re sure that Isabella will be very excited to see your special shout out to her. "
- Frankie
"If you see Abby SkyLegs, she will help you."
- Abby SkyLegs
"Thanks for offering up your help around the game and for being such a caring Jumpee, Abby SkyLegs!"
- Frankie
"Check out the Haunted House in DownTown!"
- Maria SkyBolt
"Walking into this spooky space is a daring feat, Maria SkyBolt! We’re glad you had a frighteningly fun time checking it out."
- Frankie
"I got a new ride from doing my tasks in the Penguins’ HQ"
- Zoe ZanyZoober
"It takes a ton of skill to complete the covert missions in Penguins HQ, Zoe ZanyZoober. Great job and congratulations on your new ride! "
- Frankie
"Halloween has come at last! I am so excited to trick or treat. I am going to be Hermione Granger. Okay, goodbye for now!"
- Elizabeth BlueSnake
"We hope you have a ton of fun this Halloween, Elizabeth BlueSnake! And, don’t forget that you can show off your magical skills in JumpStart by visiting Windy Hollows’ Charms building."
- Frankie
"JUMPSTART ROCKS!!! I <3 the Mummy’s Maze!!! It’s so cool and fun!"
- Zoe StarKitty
"We’re glad that you’re happy to see the return of the Mummy’s Maze, Zoe StarKitty! We hope you were brave enough to navigate to the end and collect your seasonal surprise."
- Frankie
- Megan GoldPuppy
"That’s the perfect plan to help kick of this festive fall season, Megan GoldPuppy! Be sure to stop by the Threadz store to give your Jumpee a haunting Halloween look."
- Frankie
"I love love love Jumpstart it’s the best world! I hope everyone in Jumpstart has a great Halloween "
- Maya IceFox
"Thanks for sending out this awesome seasonal greeting to all of your fellow Jumpeez, Maya IceFox! We absolutely love having your as a JumpStart fan! "
- Frankie
"StoryLand is so cute!!"
- Sara IceJewel
"There are so many fun adventures for our littlest learners in this area of the game, Sara IceJewel! Thanks for noticing all the effort that went into making this magical land."
- Frankie
"Jumpstart is awesome and so is Keisha and friends!
- Taylor SwiftDiamond
"Thanks for playing, Taylor SwiftDiamond! Keisha will be so glad to hear that you sent in this special shout out to her and the rest of our JumpStart Times reporting team. "
- Frankie
"Go to Penguins HQ!
- Taylor SweetFox
"It’s great to see Jumpeez encouraging their pals to seek out adventure and explore mission filled areas like Penguins HQ, Taylor SweetFox! Hopefully you’ve had the chance to complete your training with the Penguins. "
- Frankie
"I’m going to give a shout out to Brooke Heart with her amazing pics!
- Caroline Fox
"Thanks for supporting your fellow Jumpeez, Caroline Fox! You can get your fun PhotoBombs featured around the game too. I check all of the photos that Jumpeez submit from the game! "
- Frankie
"I want to be a mermaid!
- Cameron StarRaven
"Underwater adventures are sure fun! Be sure to stop by MarineLand to complete the missions there and collect your very own Mermaid tail, Cameron StarRaven. "
- Frankie
"I love The Alps! And you can go up into space!
- Zoe SwiftWolf
"The team and I work to make sure that there are always more adventures to be had around JumpStart, so I’m glad to hear that you’ve been busy exploring these area, Zoe SwiftWolf! "
- Frankie
"I would like to give a shout out to Sara ShinyGem. She is my best friend!"
- Jasmine PixieDaisy
"That’s so nice of you, Jasmine PixieDaisy! You and Sara ShinyGem sound like great friends to have about the JumpStart world! - Frankie"
- Frankie
"Hey everyone! I’m Nicole BraveKitty. I love to tell stories around the campfire. Bye everyone.
- Nicole BraveKitty
"Campfire stories are one of my favorite things too, Nicole Grave Kitty! Thanks for sharing this fun fact with us. "
- Frankie
"There is a place you can go underwater it is cool. It is called MarineLand it is in the beach.
- Lucas VolcanoDragon
"Thanks for pointing your Jumpee friends over to this area of the game, Lucas VolcanoDragon! There’s so much to do there while working toward earning our swim tail. "
- Frankie
"I earned my explorer badge last week in JS AdventureLand!
- Nicole BluePanda
"Great job, Nicole BluePanda! Earning this AdventureLand achievement is quite the feat. Keep up the great work and continue exploring JumpStart for amazing new adventures! "
- Frankie
"A shout out to all my friends they are the best!"
- Carlos SwiftNoodle
"It’s so great to see Jumpeez connecting with one another I our online world, Carlos SwiftNoodle! You sound like an amazing Jumpee pal. - Frankie"
- Frankie
"I love Times Square so much. I love skating there so much fun and love the animals so much… love ya’ll a lot too!
- Taylor FlameMeadow
"That’s so sweet, Taylor FlameMeadow! We’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying the game. "
- Frankie
"Play JumpStart… party at my house!
- Caroline BravePuppy
"Thanks for including all of your Jumpee friends, Caroline BravePuppy! It sounds like this party is going to be a blast. "
- Frankie
"I love Europe. I go there whenever I go on JumpStart!!!"
- Rebecca SkyHeart
"That’s so great to hear, Rebecca SkyHeart! The European Habitat is full of fun activities like Rico’s KA-Boom game, Hide-n-seek with Mort, and so much more!"
- Frankie
"Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a reporter and now with JumpStart I can do that. Thank you to JumpStart!"
- April SpeedyRhino
"You’re doing a great job, April SpeedyRhino! Thanks for keeping us informed on all the latest Jumpee news by sending in your submissions. We’re glad to have you as part of the team!"
- Frankie
"Austin FlameShark and Joe Fox are good friends you should add them as friends in JumpStart!"
- Naomi FairyCheetah
"It’s great to see Jumpeez connecting and working together in JumpStart, Naomi FairyCheetah! Thanks for making JumpStart such an easy place to make new friends!"
- Frankie
"FutureLand is awesome."
- Chase Wolf
"Thanks for checking out this area of the game, Chase Wolf! I’m sure Dr. Brain appreciates your help in completing the FutureLand missions. - Frankie"
- Frankie
"Roses are red violets are blue ice cream is sweet and so are you!"
- Lily YellowMist
"Wow! Way to show off those amazing writing skills, Lily YellowMist! I really appreciate the poem."
- Frankie
"I love ScienceLand!"
- Emma GoldenGem
"We're glad to hear it, Emma Golden Gem! Have you earned an amazing ant ride yet? Take on the challenge of the Quizinator to start working toward this exclusive prize!"
- Frankie
"Thank you so much for the voltage dragon quest!"
- Megan SweetDolphin
"Thank YOU for helping S.P.L.A.T. Keep JumpStart and the nest of rare Voltage Dragons eggs safe. Without your help, Tangorra would be closer to draining all the energy from Jumpstart! "
- Frankie
- Holly PrettySwan
"That’s such great news, Holly PrettySwan! With your JumpStart training I’m sure you’ll make a great pal to your new pup."
- Frankie
"I am in Times Square with my pet. I am having a great time. You should come too. I am going to watch a show."
- Alyssa WhiteCloud
"Times Square is a great place to catch a show, photo bomb tourists, roller skate with the Zoosters, fly the Air Penguin Glider and so much more. We’re so glad to hear that you’re enjoying this area of the game, Alyssa WhiteCloud!"
- Frankie
"It was fun to play at JumpStart. I have great times hanging out with my friends and playing the games and going to a lot of parties and going to FunZones."
- Andrew SilverGator
"JumpStart is a great place for friends, fun and learning, Andrew SilverGator! We are so glad that you’ve been able to connect with our game. "
- Frankie
"I love fireworks they light the night sky and it’s really cool to see them."
- Hailey TwinkleSprout
"Hopefully, you had a chance to catch one of JumpStart’s spectacular fireworks shows, Hailey TwinkleSprout! They’re truly a highlight of the summer season."
- Frankie
"Mythies rule! "
- Emma PixieRiver
"We sure love them too, Emma PixieRiver! You’re doing a great job helping us raise and care for the Mythies in JumpStart! "
- Frankie
"I am a mermaid in JumpStart! "
- Zach JollyFox
"It takes a ton of hard work to earn a swim tail from MarineLand, Zach! Congratulations on accomplishing this amazing feat. We know it is not an easy task!"
- Frankie
"Frankie is the BEST!!! "
- Austin MaroonWolf
"Those are some truly kind words, Austin! We’re glad to have such caring Jumpeez like you in our online world! "
- Frankie
- Jake ZanyDragon
"Thanks for helping us spread the word, Jake ZanyDragon! Hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out the game and begin raising your very own dragon."
- Frankie
"Who is having a great vacation I know I am."
- Emma RainbowWing
"That’s great to hear, Emma RainbowWing! Hopefully you’ve been enjoying all of JumpStart’s exciting summer additions like the Skate-o-Rama FunZone."
- Frankie
"I like ponies. "
- Abby MaroonPuppy
"Ponies make great pals, Abby MaroonPuppy! Have you picked up one of our pony Ridez, yet? They’re a great way of getting around JumpStart!"
- Frankie
"JumpStart is better than even pizza! :-) "
- Alexis Kitty
"Wow, that’s one big compliment, Alexis Kitty! Thanks for letting us know what you think of the game. We’re so glad to have you as a fan!"
- Frankie
"I love my iPod! "
- Lori PinkDolphin
"A music fan like you might appreciate some of the recent addition I made to the JumpStart Juke Boxes, Lori PinkDolphin! There are a ton of all new songs to choose from like those from Miya Mackenzie. Be sure to check them out!"
- Frankie
"Thank you, jumpstart for the new features!! Now I have cool Ridez, Petz, Threadz and so much!"
- Vanessa LittleKitty
"We love celebrating the change in seasons by bringing our Jumpee pals new features, Vanessa Little Kitty. What are some of your favorite summertime items? Let us know!"
- Frankie
"Jumpstart is the coolest online game ever. Fun rocks!"
- Sam ShinyGem
"Thanks for exploring our online world, Sam ShinyGem! We are so happy that you’re having a fun time learning, exploring, and taking on new adventures."
- Frankie
"I love JumpStart because you can have so much fun while thinking"
- Jessica TornadoCoyote
"At JumpStart our ultimate goal is to make learning fun, Jessica TornadoCoyote! We’re so happy to hear that you’re enjoying the game."
- Frankie
"I can’t wait till the School of Dragons is out!"
- Abby SweetMonkey
"We’re just as excited, Abby SweetMonkey! Be sure to pre-register at"
- Frankie
"Being apart of Jumpstart is AWESOME! You get to play games and learn as you play too! I love the music and I love the different lands!"
- Emma LuckyQuartz
"Finding the right balance between learning and fun is what we do best, Emma LuckyQuartz! Thanks for your wonderful feedback. We’re glad to have you as a fan!"
- Frankie
"I love FutureLand! So many things to do and learn… I’ve done so many things there. It is the best place! You should go there and try it out. You will really like it."
- Elizabeth GoldenDiamond
"Thanks for helping Dr. Brain in the FutureLand lab, Elizabeth GoldenDiamond! We love seeing your enthusiasm for this area of the game."
- Frankie
"I photo bombed 5 times yesterday in Coney Island! I sent all of them to my friend, Blake Rubysnake!"
- Shannon PinkWolf
"Wow, you must really know how to strike a pose, Shannon PinkWolf! Be sure to send some of your best shots into my contest and you might see yourself in the next issue of the JumpStart Times!"
- Frankie
"I love the new Tiki pool!"
- Nicole FairyPanda
"Thanks for checking out all of our new features for summer, Nicole FairyPanda! The Tiki Pool FunZone is always a fun place to meet up with your JumpStart pals."
- Frankie
"For Memorial Day, I went to the petting zoo."
- Alex SparkleToe
"What a fun activity, Alex Sparkle Toe! Thanks for sharing. It’s so great to hear about what all my Jumpee pals are up to. See you around the game!"
- Frankie
"I love playing football! Football is so rad and I also love playing at the JumpStart stadium"
- Richard LavaShark
"That’s so great to hear, Richard LavaShark! There is so much to do and learn over in the JumpStart Stadium."
- Frankie
I’m here to report some news about a new game in JumpStart! The School Of Dragons FunZone, it’s booming with Jumpeez so come right away!"
- Jenny SwiftSwan
"Thanks for telling all your Jumpee pals about the new FunZone, Jenny SwiftSwan! We’re glad to have you contributing to the JumpStart Times. We hope you are enjoying the new FunZone. Be sure to pre-register at!"
- Frankie
- Sara JellyFox
"We are so glad to hear that you’re enjoying the new School of Dragons FunZone, Sara JellyFox! Thanks for keeping up with all of our latest updates to the game. If you like what you see, be sure to pre-register at School Of Dragons!"
- Frankie
"I am going to send off my Mythie and get a new one."
- Abby PinkFox
" Congratulations on taking such great care of your Mythie, Abby PinkFox! Good luck on the rest of your JumpStart adventures. "
- Frankie
"I have a new best friend his name is Cody VolcanoEagle and he is super nice. Me and Cody love to race in shipwreck lagoon he is awesome"
- Marissa Raven
"We are always happy to hear about Jumpeez making new friends around the JumpStart World, Marissa Raven! Thanks for playing JumpStart. "
- Frankie
"I have been playing fireball frenzy! It’s so fun when you hit the target."
- Savannah GoldenSwan
"We’re glad to hear it, Savannah GoldenSwan! Keep up the good work training and you’ll be ready for when School of Dragons officially opens this summer. Pre-register now for a chance to be apart of the exclusive beta later this month! "
- Frankie
"I am the TOP EXPLORER!"
- Allison BraveRaven
"Great job, Allison BraveRaven! Keep up the great work. There are so many adventures ahead for you in the JumpStart World. "
- Frankie
"I love to take pictures around JumpStart! It is so much fun and my Jumpee and I have a lot of great friends."
- Allison PinkDaisy
" We’re glad to have such a great photographer hanging around JumpStart, Allison PinkDaisy! Keep submitting your screenshots and Photo Bombs for a chance to get featured on our new submissions page! "
- Frankie
"When I was in Europe on the boat ride, I took a picture of the sunset over the sea. It was so beautiful!"
- SaraPixiePanda
"Thanks for letting us know what your think of the Zooster’s European Habitat, Sara PixiePanda! Keep exploring. We love hearing about the adventures of our Jumpee pals. "
- Frankie
"I love this time of year! It’s so close to summer and I am going to the lake for my birthday."
- Grace StarPuppy
"Birthdays are really special, so we hope you have an amazing one, Grace StarPuppy! Be sure to stop by JumpStart to check out all of our amazing plans for the summer season. "
- Frankie
"I really love basketball. I have been playing for 2 years!"
- Jeremy WhiteTail
"We love learning new things about of Jumpee friends, Jeremy WhiteTail! Be sure to stop by the JumpStart Stadium in DownTown to put your to test your knowledge on our in-game basketball court!"
- Frankie
"I love dogs but my mom says I’m not ready to have one of my own, but in JumpStart I can hatch dragons, hornhowlies, and unicorns."
- Sofia SkySwan
" We are so happy to hear that you’re preparing for those real life responsibilities by caring for a few of our Enchanted Sanctuary Mythies, Sofia Sky Swan!"
- Frankie
"Yay, school is almost out and summer is coming! In JumpStart, I can have fun all day! Keep it cool, Jumpeez! "
- Kevin Colt
"It’s so great to see your enthusiasm for the coming summer season, Kevin Colt! We hope to see more of you around JumpStart, this summer! "
- Frankie
"I have just been here in JumpStart for 2 seconds and I am having a time of my life!"
- Levi RedWolf
"Thanks for stopping by, Levi RedWolf! We’re so happy to have you as a fan. Keep exploring for a world of exciting adventures. "
- Frankie
"Hey fellow Jumpeez! Summer is almost here and the days are getting warmer so go outside for a little and lets make summer fun with bike riding and playing outside with friends!"
- Linda LavaGem
"What wonderful ideas for summer, Linda LavaGem! Thanks for sharing your suggested summer ideas."
- Frankie
"My school is having a talent show and I think it is going to be so much fun. We are getting costumes for it so that we can sing, dance, and play games. I’m so excited"
- Taylor SwiftKitty
"What a great way to show off your skills and talents, Taylor SwiftKitty! it sounds like you have quite the day ahead of you. Good luck! "
- Frankie
"I was walking around JumpStart and found myself face to face with a hound. He was very handsome and Frankie was his name!"
- Lily PrettySwan
"I’m so glad to be able to have you as one of my Jumpee pals, Lily PrettySwan! Thank you so much for the kind words. I hope to see you around JumpStart!"
- Frankie
"Did you know that I have been to Windy Hollows? It is cool"
- Caleb WindJewel
"We’re glad you like it, Caleb WindJewel! Be sure to send us your top Windy Hollows Photo Bombs for a chance to get featured in our newspaper, the JumpStart Times."
- Frankie
"I love summer! You get to go to the pool and there’s no school! And, best of all I get to go to New York City this summer for vacation!"
- Alexis TwinkleKitty
"We hope you have an amazing time in New York, Alexis TwinkleKitty. You might want to start preparing for your trip by exploring more of JumpStart’s version of the Big Apple! "
- Frankie
"My neighborhood is amazing you should see it if u can find it!"
- Jasmine ShinyHeart
"We hope you are enjoying all of the new customizable neighborhood features, Jasmine ShinyHeart! We can’t wait to see your neighborhood. "
- Frankie
"When I first played JumpStart, I was shy but now I know JumpStart is full of adventures and helps you learn. Thank you, Frankie"
- Jasmine IceStone
"JumpStart is a great place to explore and make new friends. We’re so glad to have you as one of our friendly Jumpee fans, Jasmine IceStone!"
- Frankie
"Italy is really fun I took photos with my friends and did some fun missions"
- Rachel RubyGem
"The JumpStart team and I are so glad to hear that you are enjoying the Zoosters' European Habitat, Rachel RubyGem! Keep up the great work on your missions."
- Frankie
"On the weekend I went to my grandma’s house and I had fun."
- Emma HappyDolphin
"We’re glad to hear that you were able to spend some time with your grandma, Emma HappyDolphin! It sounds like you had a blast. Thanks for keeping us up to date with what you've been up to! "
- Frankie
"I just went to a swim meet and I swam really fast! And I broke three team records! And I got a best friend whose name is Brain SwiftLegs."
- Marissa Emerald
"Great job, Marissa Emerald! Keep up the great work and you'll be sure to succeed in and out of the pool. And, be sure to tell Brian SwiftLegs that I said,"Hello!""
- Frankie
"I'm a true artist and a math lover!"
- Alexis FairyJewel
"Those are two very important topics in school, Alexis FairyJewel! Its so great to see that you have interest in two very different subjects."
- Frankie
"Me and my sister roller blade in the house! It's so much fun."
- Bill IceToe
"Whoa, how exciting! Don't forget to wear a helmet and other protective gear to keep you and your brother safe while you're skating around."
- Frankie
"Me? I like cats!"
- Emma SweetPuppy
"We love learning more about all our Jumpee pals like you, Emma SweetPuppy! If you're a fan a cats be sure to stop by the Petz Shop to see if we have any cute kittens in stock, this time of year!"
- Frankie
"When you’re feeling down and you want to frown, visit DownTown and dance!"
- Alexis Zebra
"What a fun and easy way to brighten the day, Teresa Frost Swan! Thanks for sharing this with us."
- Frankie
"I’m so excited for it to be Spring! It’s warm outside and I can finally play in the Slip-And-Slide! Also I love JumpStarts’ theme it’s all beautiful and awesome!"
- Teresa FrostSwan
"Happy spring season, Alexis Zebra! We hope you are enjoying all the wonderful seasonal activities that we have brought into the game."
- Frankie
"The Jumpstart Times is awesome! You can submit stuff like, stories, riddles, or questions. You could be featured on the Jumpstart Times. Try to submit stuff, and you might get picked!"
- Sofia TwinkleDiamond
"Congratulations, Sofia TwinnkleDiamond! We absolutely loved your submission. Thanks for your continued support in contributing to our newspaper. We are so thrilled to have you as a fan!"
- Frankie
"I like to play in JumpStart with my B.F.F.s and my sis."
- Jennifer IceGem
"We are glad that you are able to interact with all your buddies even when you are off exploring the JumpStart World, Jennifer Ice Gem! Thanks for playing."
- Frankie
"I love to play on JumpStart. It is my favorite place to be I love New York and Times Square so much. The neighborhoods are awesome and don’t for get about the FunZones and parties."
- Shannon FrostDiamond
"Thanks for your support as we continue to grow our online world, Shannon FrostDiamond. It’s great to know that you a such a big fan of our recent area additions!"
- Frankie
"In my school everyone loves to play volleyball. I even play in JumpStart. That game is really awesome!"
- Vanessa WonderFeather
"We think that our online volleyball game is tons of fun too! We’re so glad that a true volleyball player like you can appreciate these activities, Vanessa WonderFeather!"
- Frankie
"My favorite sport is baseball and I love pizza."
- Lance LavaRhino
"What a fun combination, Lance LavaRhino! Pizza can be a delicious treat after playing a game of baseball."
- Frankie
"Guess what! I found the neighborhood decorations a few weeks ago, and you know what the theme for my neighborhood is? Petz, so cute!"
- Carlos ThunderDragon
"We are thrilled to hear that you’re enjoying all the amazing neighborhood customizations, Carlos ThunderDragon! We’ll be on the look out in case we stumble upon your Petz themed home away from home."
- Frankie
"Roses are red, violets are blue, I stick to JumpStart like paper and glue!"
- Kate Raven
"What amazing writing skills, Kate Raven! Thanks so much for Sharing this great poem and for choosing JumpStart."
- Frankie
"Welcome to JumpStart! Here, we have lots of fun stuff like dragons."
- Evelyn FlurryMist
"Thanks for your continued support, Evelyn FlurryMist! We’re so happy to have you as a fan. It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying the game."
- Frankie
"My mom and I made popcorn today after school. I love popcorn!"
- Maddy PixieHawk
"What a delicious sounding snack, Maddy PixieHawk! We love learning fun facts about our Jumpee pals like you. Thanks for sharing."
- Frankie
"To me, my Mythie is the best Mythie in the whole world."
- Taylor StarStone
"You sound like a truly caring Jumpee, Taylor StartStone! Keep up the great work, caring for your Mythie."
- Frankie
"I found all the Scavenger Hunt eggs!"
- Taylor FlurryPuppy
"Great job, Taylor FlurryPuppy! Congratulations on completing the spring scavenger hunt. We hope you had fun collecting all the eggs."
- Frankie
"My mom and I just found out that we are going to Disneyworld this summer!"
- Angel LuckyJewel
"That’s great news, Angel LuckyJewel! Thanks for sharing. We hope you have tons of fun with your mom while on vacation!"
- Frankie
"I love Windy Hollows!"
- Caleb OrangeHeart
"That’s so great to hear, Caleb OrangeHeart! Windy Hollows is packed with fun activities. From Photo bombs, to Charms and the Bubble Maze, there is so much to do. Keep up the great work, Jumpee!"
- Frankie
"I love jumpstart the rides are fun and the pets are cute. I have been playing for a year now. Everyone should play jumpstart. It’s a blast."
- Angelina FairyDiamond
"We’re so glad to have you as a fan, Angelina Fairy Diamond! Be sure to check back regularly at the DownTown stores for updates to our petz, ridez, and threadz!"
- Frankie

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