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Jumpee Questions

Q: How does a Mythie sleep?

A: Mythies are able to sleep when they are sent to either the Enchanted Sanctuary’s Nursery of the Mythie Dorms in the Training Area.
- Submitted by: David WonderEagle

Q: Where is the light house?

A: The light house can be found at The Beach. You can get there by using the ‘Map’ icon on your Jumpee’s Toolbar.
- Submitted by: Sam RainbowCheetah

Q: How do I go through the tunnel with the cars in it in Central Park?

A: The blocked off tunnels in JumpStart, New York are off limits to Jumpeez at this time. If they ever open to the public, we’ll be sure to let you know!
- Submitted by: Kevin IronWing

Q: What is the surprise box?

A: The surprise box is a special ride for you Jumpee. All you have to do is get three other Jumpeez to visit your neighborhood and click on the box to unlock your new ride.
- Submitted by: Kate FireMonkey

Q: Where is the obstacle course?

A: The Obstacle Course is one of the many adventures there are in AdventureLand to check off of your Explorer Checklist. Start exploring!
- Submitted by: Hailey SwiftPuppy

Q: How do you get on stage at VIP parties?

A: You are not able to get onstage at the VIP parties. That is for the band only.
- Submitted by: Heather WonderPuppy

Q: Can you make your Petz do tricks?

A: No, Petz cannot be trained to do tricks. They will however follow you around certain parts of the game until they are returned to the Petz Pen.
- Submitted by: Maddy Wolf

Q: Frankie, do you live in JumpStart?

A: Yes! Jumpeez can find my house in their Neighborhood, if they have not already custom built this area of the game, using the Neighborhood builder.
- Submitted by: Isabella GoldDiamond

Q: Can I keep my Mythie forever?

A: Yes, Jumpeez can keep their Mythies for as long as they would like. However, they will need to release their current Mythie before they are able to begin raising a new one.
- Submitted by: Lily FairyMist

Q: Frankie how do the Mythies learn to fly?

A: Once they have grown, Mythies can visit the Enchanted Sanctuary's Mythie Training Area to learn how to fly. After mastering this new task, they can complete Flight Deck activities before being released to Flight School
- Submitted by: Angel ThunderDragon

Q: How do you play BroomBall when no other Jumpeez are playing?

A: Click on the entrance to the field to be matched with the next available opponent or pull up your Buddy List to invite some of your online pals to meet you at the BroomBall tent for a quick game!
- Submitted by: Alyssa RubyDaisy

Q: What's the Nursery for in the Enchanted Sanctuary?

A: The Nursery is a place where Jumpeez can send their young Mythies to sleep as they continue along on their adventures through JumpStart!
- Submitted by: Brielle SparkleFeet

Q: How do you get to FutureLand?

A: FutureLand can be found at The Beach, which you can enter through MainStreet. You can also get to FutureLand by selecting the map icon on the bottom left of your Toolbar and then select FutureLand.
- Submitted by: Sara GoldGem

Q: How do you view your inventory?

A: You can view your inventory in AdventureLand by selecting on Frankie on the bottom left corner. There you can view your inventory along with any missions and badges.
- Submitted by: Hunter LavaDreamer

Q: How do you find toys for your Mythie?

A: Mythie toys can be found by selecting your Mythie and choosing the "Play" option.
- Submitted by: Mike RedRaven

Q: How do I get to my Neighborhood?

A: To get to your Neighborhood, use the map on your toolbar and select the area marked "My Neighborhood." Jumpeez can also access their Neighborhoods from MainStreet and DownTown.
- Submitted by: Angel PinkDaisy

Q: What does the map do?

A: The map gives Jumpeez an overview of the JumpStart World and quick access to each area of the game. By selecting an area on the map, Jumpeez will be brought directly there.
- Submitted by: Diego SilverComet

Q: How do I get decorations for my Neighborhood garden?

A: To get decorations, select your coin counter to open up our full selection of in-game stores. Click the Neighborhood Store and then choose the "decorations" tab to see which items are available for your neighborhood.
- Submitted by: Jessica RainbowDolphin

Q: Can we have a party without buying it?

A: Jumpeez can join already occurring parties for free. However, they cannot host a party of their own without purchasing the feature from our Party Store, using their JS coins.
- Submitted by: Delaney LittleFoot

Q: How do you get to Windy Hollows' School?

A: Currently, there is no school in Windy Hollows. However, this area is home to the BroomBall Tent, the Fortune Telling Fire Pit, the Comic Book Shop, Bubble Maze and much more!
- Submitted by: Hannah BlueStone

Q: Can Jumpeez get to places that are not in JumpStart?

A: Yes, Jumpeez are able to travel to the Math Blaster Space Station, by visiting the Launch Center in MainStreet.
- Submitted by: Nick ThunderDragon

Q: Is there a mermaid Mythie?

A: There are no mermaid Mythies. However, Jumpeez can earn their own swim tail by completing the missions in MarineLand and earning 15 sand dollars.
- Submitted by: April SwiftEagle

Q: How do I get my little Mythie clean?

A: Mythies can be cleaned with a visit to the Enchanted Sanctuary's Bath building. There Jumpeez can scrub, wash, and buff their Mythies until they sparkle like new!
- Submitted by: Isabella GoldTail

Q: Where can I find the Eggling Crate in the Enchanted Sanctuary?

A: The Eggling crate can be found directly to the right of the Bath building in the Enchanted Sanctuary.
- Submitted by: Matt LuckyEmerald

Q: How can you quit a Penguins' HQ mission?

A: At this time, there's no way of quitting or bypassing a mission that you have already begun with the Penguins in HQ.
- Submitted by: Danielle PixiePuppy

Q: Where is J-tube?

A: To open J-Tube, select the icon found on the far right end of your Jumpee's toolbar that resembles a TV.
- Submitted by: Hailey PrettyPuppy

Q: Do you unlock new items when you reach new levels in JumpStart?

A: Yes, reaching new ranks does help unlock some of the exclusive items that are available through our in-game stores like Threadz, Ridez, and Petz.
- Submitted by: Nicole RainbowEmerald

Q: How do you send Greeting Cards?

A: : Jumpeez can open the Greeting Cards store from their "About Me" Page or by selecting their coin counter.
- Submitted by:Caroline Pixie Swan

Q: Where's the House Hut?

A: The House Hut can be found in JumpStart's DownTown area.
- Submitted by: Olivia Ice Tail

Q: Why do we need JumpStars?

A: The number of JumpStars that a Jumpee has will ultimately determine their in-game rank.
- Submitted by: Isabella Gem Sofia RedPuppy

Q: How do you change your Jumpee’s clothes?

A: Open the Jumpee creator on your toolbar to customize your Jumpee's look or visit the Threadz Store in DownTown to purchase new clothing items.
- Submitted by: Blake FireSnake

Q: How do you get the award for Buddy Jump?

A: This achievement is earned by regularly visiting the buddies on your Buddy List.
- Submitted by: Isabella Gem

Q: How do you get the sparkling crown?

A: The sparkling crown can be won by Jumpee’s who successfully complete Rico's KA-Boom game in the Zoosters’ European Habitat.
- Submitted by: Sofia Heart

Q: What is J-Tube?

A: The J-Tube device is where players can view submissions from their fellow Jumpeez or submit new content of their own.
- Submitted by: Amber Hawk

Q: How do you speed up hatching your egg?

A: There is no way of speeding up this process. Mythies take time to grow and hatch from their Eggling state.
- Submitted by: Daisy GoldPuppy

Q: What is the "Quick Launch" button for?

A: The "Quick Launch" button, on your Jumpee's toolbar, allows you to quickly access some of our most popular games.
- Submitted by: Jordan AirSprout

Q: How do I get a tail? I've played all the missions in MarineLand.

A: To get a swim tail, players need to finish all of the MarineLand Missions in addition to completing levels in Bubble Trouble and Pearl Push.
- Submitted by: Abby PinkKitty

Q: When you change your name, do your buddies still see it as the name that you had when you first became buddies?

A: No, when you change your username, it will change throughout the game.
- Submitted by: Maddy BraveHeart

Q: How do I get the ribbons and trophy for Dancing SuperStar?

A: To earn this achievement, Jumpeez must play Dance Off in the OctoLair.
- Submitted by: Emily SweetDaisy

Q: Is there a certain amount of JumpStars that a player can earn in JumpStart?

A: Players can keep earning stars until they've reached rank 20, JumpStart's highest level.
- Submitted by: Faith MaroonOak

Q: Why can we only choose from 3 of the 4 types of Mythies?

A: The 4th Mythie or Voltage Dragon is extremely rare. Players can only access this Mythie by completing a special in-game mission from S.P.L.A.T.
- Submitted by: Bailey FlameCheetah

Q: How do you get inside Paris?

A: At this time, players are not able to explore this area of the European Habitat.
- Submitted by: Elizabeth WaterDiamond

Q: How can you get past the scary mummies in the Mummy's Maze?

A: The Mummy's Maze is all about having fun, so don't be scared. Stay focused and you can collect the treasure at the end of the maze.
- Submitted by: April Diamond

Q: How do I get off of the zip line in The Mummy's Maze?

A: There is no way of releasing your Jumpee from the zip line in the Mummy's Maze. Players must ride it to the end.
- Submitted by: Jessica BlackWing

Q: Can you bring rides into the Mummy's Maze?

A: No, Jumpeez are not able to bring Ridez into the Mummy's Maze.
- Submitted by: Evelyn PrettyHeart

Q: How do you get the gems in the eyes of the Mummy’s Maze?

A: These items are part of the Mummy's Maze and cannot be collected by Jumpeez.
- Submitted by: Lily FrostEmerald

Q: How do you get to all areas in Mummy's Maze?

A: Jumpeez must complete a few spooky challenges to progress through each section of the maze.
- Submitted by: Teresa PinkOak

Q: Where can we find the Pharaoh’s Treasure?

A: The treasure can only be accessed by Jumpeez who complete the Mummy's Maze.
- Submitted by: Sofia SilverSwan

Q: How do you enroll in the School Of Dragons?

A: To enroll, go to From there you can sign up and create a FREE account!
- Submitted by: Maya StarGem

Q: Where is AdventureLand?

A: To find AdventureLand, use the JumpStart map located on your Jumpee's character dock.
- Submitted by: Lauren CoralFeather

Q: Can you buy an ant ride?

A: No, players must earn this special ride by facing the Quizinator in ScienceLand!
- Submitted by: Hannah RainbowPuppy

Q: How do you get a dolphin tail?

A: Dolphin tails are not currently available in JumpStart. Jumpeez can only choose between a mermaid tail or shark tail after completing MarineLand.
- Submitted by: Kate LuckyMist

Q: What are the little papers flying around?

A: That is the JumpStart Times, our very own in-game newspaper, where you’ll find all the latest game news!
- Submitted by: Sara IceJewel

Q: Where do I find my Code Breaker?

A: The Code Breaker can be found in your Jumpee's Toolkit.
- Submitted by: Jason FireFox

Q: What do you do at the flight deck?

A: At the Flight Deck, Jumpeez can visit any of their released Mythies.
- Submitted by: Marissa Jewel

Q: How can I change my Mythie's color?

A: To change your Mythie's look, purchase a color kit from the Mythie accessories store.
- Submitted by: Jayden StarCoyote

Q: How do you earn the Petz Farmer Ribbon?

A: This achievement can be earned by regularly purchasing Petz from our DownTown store.
- Submitted by: Sofia PrettyTail

Q: How do I color my Eggling?

A: Jumpeez can color their Egglings in the Enchanted Sanctuary's Eggulator.
- Submitted by: Marissa Jewel

Q: How do Jumpeez get featured as the Hall of Fame winner in the Newspaper?

A: Each week, Frankie stops by the JS Hall of Fame to take a photo of the weekly winner for the newspaper.
- Submitted by: Tom GiantWolf

Q: How long will Times Square stay in JumpStart?

A: Times Square is here to stay! There are no plans to change this area of JumpStart.
- Submitted by: Emma YellowSlug

Q: Where is my phone?

A: Frankie recently upgraded all Jumpee Communicators with our all new J-Tube device.
- Submitted by: Nicole Fox

Q: Could you please tell me what do you do to earn a trophy for Shipwreck Mate?

A: To earn the Shipwreck Mate trophy, continue playing Shipwreck Lagoon in multiplayer mode.
- Submitted by: Michael WindTsunami

Q: How do you fly in JumpStart?

A: To fly, visit Free Fall Mountain or locate one of the JumpStart Launch Pads.
- Submitted by: Hannah Bear

Q: When are we going to get new FunZones?

A: FunZones are updated to reflect the seasons or upcoming holidays. These areas are regularly updated, so stay tuned!
- Submitted by: Nicole Fox

Q: How do you get to be a JS guide?

A: Guides are part of our official team here at JumpStart. Unfortunately, players are not able to become in-game guides, at this time.
- Submitted by: Michael WindTsunami

Q: How do you use the Code Breaker?

A: With this tool, Jumpeez must use logic to figure out the correct color pattern to crack the code.
- Submitted by: Hannah Bear

Q: How do you get a job in JumpStart?

A: Currently, there are no official Jumpee Jobs in JumpStart.

Q: How do we change the roads and sidewalks in our neighborhoods?

A: To customize an item in your neighborhood, highlight the area with your mouse to open the available options.

Q: How do you get fish?

A: To get fish, Jumpeez need to complete the missions in Penguins HQ.

Q: How do you get to the next level without getting JumpStars?

A: Earning JumpStars is the only way to level up to the next rank in Jumpstart.

Q: Will Garden Defense stay at Jumpstart forever?

A: Garden Defense is here to stay. Keep doing what you can to help ZuZu!

Q: Why do I keep seeing flying brooms everywhere?

A: Jumpeez are able to fly through the skies of Windy Hollows using the brooms available in the Broom Closet.

Q: How do you advertise something on a billboard?

A: Only you see the things that you create on a billboard. To decorate one, just click on it.
- Submitted by: Amber Wolf

Q: Is it possible to own a Punk Punk?

A: No, it's not possible to own a Punk Punk. They are wild creatures that roam freely through certain areas of the game.
- Submitted by: Lily BlackKitty

Q: Where is the zoo?

A: The Zoo can be found in JumpStart New York's Central Park area.
- Submitted by: Alex StarSwan

Q: Is School of Dragons another game or will it be in JumpStart?

A: When it launches, School of Dragons will be its own virtual Viking world at
- Submitted by: Daisy LavaDiamond

Q: Is it possible to answer jokes or riddles submitted by other Jumpeez?

A: No, however, the punch lines to each featured joke are published in the following issue of our in-game newspaper.
- Submitted by: Cody Wolf

Q: How do you know what scavenger hunt you're doing?

A: Jumpeez can check their in-game messages to figure out which scavenger hunt is currently happening and how many items they have left to find.
- Submitted by: Jack TornadoFox

Q: How do I get an Eggling?

A: To get an Eggling, Jumpeez need to head to the Enchanted Sanctuary to meet with Ivy. There, she’ll give each player instructions on how to get started. Players with a Mythie will not be able to pick up an Eggling until they release their current Enchanted Sanctuary pal.
- Submitted by: Gary FlamePuppy

Q: Where is Coney Island?

A: Coney Island is part of JumpStart, New York. Jumpeez can access it from Central Park by following the street signs or by taking the secret underground tunnel from Penguins HQ. For easy access, pull up the JumpStart map to be taken directly to Coney Island.
- Submitted by: Isabella GoldMonkey

Q: Why are there different types of wands?

A: The wands in Windy Hollows work at their best when they are chosen by Jumpeez based of their personal preferences. With different types of wands available, it makes it easier for Jumpeez to find the perfect wand for their charms.
- Submitted by: Maddy SilverQuartz

Q: What happens when you’re too old or young for one of the lands in JumpStart? Do you lose access to it?

A: Jumpeez never lose access to any of the JumpStart lands because of age or game rank. Players are more than welcome to visit StoryLand, MarineLand, AdventureLand, and FutureLand whenever they’d like to take on the missions there.
- Submitted by: Daisy TornadoPuffin

Q: I got a Windy Hollows wand, but I don’t know how to use it. Could you tell me?

A: Before using their wands, Jumpeez must first create a charm. After choosing the charm they would like to use, players can select the wand button in the lower left hand corner of their screen. This will enable them to use their wand around Windy Hollows.
- Submitted by: Nicole Fox

Q: What are Buddy Codes for?

A: The JumpStart World is a big place with tons of other Jumpeez. Buddy codes help players find real world friends while in-game. By exchanging codes players will be able to easily access friends from their Jumpee’s Buddy List.
- Submitted by: Isabella GoldenSwan

Q: How many pets can you have?

A: There is no limit to the number of Petz a Jumpee can purchase. However, players are only allowed to have one pet when they are out exploring the JumpStart World. When they aren't with their Jumpee, Petz are cared for over in our Petz Pen.
- Submitted by: Naomi IceRiver

Q: How do I feed my Mythie?

A: A Jumpee needs to visit the Mythie Food kiosk in the Enchanted Sanctuary to feed their Mythie. There, they will be able to figure out what their Mythie would like to eat to help fill their hunger meter.
- Submitted by: Aaliyah PinkLizard

Q: How do I get rid of a Ride that I don't want to use anymore?

A: To stop using one of our Ridez, players can select the walk button that appears on the left hand of their gaming window. This sends the ride back to the Ridez Garage for safe keeping.
- Submitted by: Anika FireWolf

Q: I’ve never been featured in the JumpStart Times. How do I get my pictures into the newspaper?

A: To get featured, you'll need to catch one of the traveling tourists in JumpStart New York, Windy Hollows or the Zoosters' European Habitat. After taking a photo bomb with them, Jumpeez can then submit images to Frankie direct from their photo bomb albums.
- Submitted by: Emma FrostDiamond

Q: How many Ridez can I buy?

A: Jumpeez are able to purchase as many ridez as they can afford with their JS coins. Any Ridez that they are not using are then saved to their Jumpee's inventory in the Ridez Garage.
- Submitted by: Grace PrettyMist

Q: How do you send a greeting card?

A: To send a greeting card in JumpStart, start by opening up your Jumpee’s “About Me” page. There, you will find our greeting card button located next to your Jumpee’s profile picture. This button will open up all of your card creator options.
- Submitted by: Gabriella SweetDaisy

Q: How do I get a friend?

A: There are two ways to add friends in JumpStart. Jumpeez can either add friends using their unique buddy code or by simply clicking on them in game to pull up their, “About Me” page. From there, players can manually add friends.
- Submitted by: Abby LightKitty

Q: How do I get an ant ride?

A: To earn an ant ride, Jumpeez must head over to JumpStart’s interactive ScienceLand, located in Adventure Canyon. There, players need to face the challenging Quizniator to earn their very own ant to ride.
- Submitted by: Abby YellowMonkey

Q: Sometimes Jumpees have rides or pets that are not in stores. How do they do that?

A: Items in the JumpStart Stores change from season to season, so not all items are available year round. To keep up with what we have in the stores, be sure to check back regularly for updates.
- Submitted by: Hannah Zebra

Q: What is the easiest way to earn coins?

A: The easiest way to earn coins is by playing JumpStart's exciting learning games. Learning games and missions give players the highest payouts around JumpStart. Remember, the more you learn, the more you'll earn to customize your game.
- Submitted by: Kim Swan

Q: When you submit a riddle, story, question or joke what do you earn?

A: Jumpeez that submit content to our in-game newspaper have the chance to get featured in a future issue of the JumpStart Times. A few submissions are even published over at the JumpStart blog, where we do weekly shout outs to Jumpeez!
- Submitted by: Abby Wolf

Q: Who is Frankie?

A: Frankie is JumpStart's top dog! He helps bring in all the new features to the game, each season. Sometimes you can even find him hanging around, chatting with Jumpeez. You might notice that he's also the Editor in chief of the JumpStart Times!
- Submitted by: Vanessa LittleKitty

Q: Where is the eggling crate?

A: The Eggling Crates are where Egglings go when they need to rest. After sending a Eggling back to take a nap, Jumpeez can wake them over in the Enchancted Sanctuary. You should find it next to the Nursery and Bath buildings.
- Submitted by: Holly Dolphin

Q: How do you create your own neighborhood party?

A: To throw a neighborhood block party, double click on your Jumpee's JS coin counter. Select the button decorated with balloons and confetti to open up the party store. From there, you’ll be able to select the location and duration of your next party.
- Submitted by: Brianna LavaGem

Q: What game earns you the Quick Floater achievement?

A: To Earn the Quick Floater achievement, Jumpeez will first need to earn the trophy for Poe's Hero. The Quick Floater achievement is awarded to players that keep helping us save Poe from the Bubble Maze.
- Submitted by: Megan AirCloud

Q: How do I change my name?

A: To change your Jumpee's name, select the communicator located on the right side of your character dock. There, Jumpeez will find the “Name Change” button. Select this button to create a new name.
- Submitted by: Jeffrey RedWorm

Q: Where is freefall mountain? Please help!

A: With the addition of JumpStart New York, Free Fall Mountain was moved to the shores of DownTown. Jumpeez will be able to find this fun feature located just behind the Threadz Shop.
- Submitted by: Jasmine TwinkleMist

Q: How do you earn the ribbons and trophy for Poe's Hero?

A: Earning the achievement for the Poe's Hero involves a visit to the Bubble Maze. Head over to Windy Hollows to see if you have what it takes to work through the different levels to save our pal, Poe!
- Submitted by: Jenny LuckyGem

Q: What are charms?

A: Charms are magical morphs that Jumpeez can use to turn their fellow Jumpeez into silly creations like our famed Dino-mite dinosaur. Before getting started, you will need to collect ingredients hidden throughout Windy Hollows. Good luck!
- Submitted by: Naomi Fox

Q: How do I send my photo bomb and Hall of Fame jumpstars to the Jumpstart Times?

A: Hall of Fame winners are players that have earned the top number of JumpStars for the week, so you do not have to submit information to get featured. Visit the Hall of Fame to see how many JumpStars you might need to access these top spots.
- Submitted by: Sydney TornadoGoat

Q: Frankie how do we earn fish?

A: To earn fish to spin the Coney Island Prize Wheel, Jumpeez will need to complete missions with the Penguins in HQ. Select the Penguin Mission board to get started.
- Submitted by: Maddy StarKitty

Q: How do you take a photo bomb?

A: To take a Photo Bomb, you will need to be in New York, The European Habitat, or Windy Hollows. Find one of the travelling tourists and strike a pose in front of their camera. The Photo Bomb should save to your Jumpee's photo bomb album.
- Submitted by: Olivia LuckyWolf

Q: When you send your mythie to sleep how or where do you get it back?

A: Mythies take naps in two Enchanted Sanctuary areas. If the Mythie is still pretty young, start by checking the Nursery. If it is not there, you can find it in the Mythie Training Area's dorms.
- Submitted by: Heather FrostEmber

Q: I never get to see Frankie. Is there a certain time he walks around JumpStart? When can I see him?

A: Frankie travels around JumpStart at different times each week. He really likes to surprise Jumpeez on his visits! Be on the look out for him in areas like Central Park, Windy Hollows or Coney Island.
- Submitted by: Chloe FairyHeart

Q: Why is there coin piles all over jumpstart?

A: The coins that are piled up around JumpStart are part of Frankie’s festive St. Patrick’s Day décor. It looks like they must have fallen from his lucky pots ‘o’ gold as he moved in all of the new FunZones and features.
- Submitted by: Caroline LavaSwan

Q: Dear Frankie, i was wondering if i could join the jumpstart times yes or no?

A: By using the new “Submit Your Stuff” button, you are acting as an official JumpStart Times Contributor. Remember that whenever you submit jokes, articles, or questions you have the chance to get featured in an upcoming issue!
- Submitted by: Vanessa PixieStone

Q: Is penguin HQ going to be here forever?

A: There is nothing to worry about, Jumpeez. JumpStart is glad to say that Penguin HQ is here to stay! As time goes on, Frankie only expects this area of the game to get even more exciting.
- Submitted by: Hannah IceKitty

Q: Where is the pet store?

A: The Petz Store can be found in the DownTown area. Jumpeez can go there to buy new Petz or pick up any already purchased ones from the Petz pen that is located toward the back of the store.
- Submitted by: Bailey GreenJewel

Q: Why do the people keep changing the fun zones?

A: FunZones are interactive areas or games that are regularly changed to celebrate seasons, holidays or other real world current events. At this time, all of the FunZones are themed around the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday.
- Submitted by: Austin IcePuppy

Q: After training your mythie and releasing it can i have it back?

A: Unfortunately, once a Mythie is released it will no longer follow you around the game. However, players are always welcome to visit any already released Mythies at Flight School by calling them from the flight deck.
- Submitted by: Zoe SparkleDragon

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