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Fall Fun With Family

“Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.”

-    Albert Camus


The changing colors of leaves and the crisp breeze of fall are annual phenomena that that has the ability to leave many mesmerized by nature and the start of a new season. Encourage your kids to soak in the bursts of earthy hues and take in the splendid scenic beauty that comes with the start of this season! Fall is that time of the year parents can prepare kids for the coming holiday season as there is ample time to get the family together to indulge in range of fun fall activities.

Fall Fun With Family
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Fun Fall Family Activities

Apple Picking – Depending on your locale Apple picking is a very traditional fall family activity. Many orchards will even allow families to spend the day picking up apples directly from their apple-picking farms. Besides spending valuable time together in the fields, you can head home with a truck load of apples and make delectable fall treats like apple pies, apple sauces, caramel apples or apple candies with the fresh fruits that you just picked. It’s also a great way to get kids to munch on the fruit if they are generally not very fond of it.

Fairs – ‘Fairs’ are the essence of fall. Do some research into what is happening in your local community; there might already be a fall fair with carnival rides and games that kids enjoy. Some of these fall fairs also have animals that the kids can interact with which can make for unforgettable childhood memories. The little ones will look forward to fall every year once you take them to one of these festive fairs.

Making Leaf Piles – Finding all fun can be pretty simple and non nonsense. For example you might have the kids rake the leaves in your yard to form large piles. Allow them to jump through these piles and watch their faces glow with excitement as the leaves take flight! A simple tradition like this can make quite the impression on your little ones.

Scarecrows – Come fall, you might encourage your kids to create fun decorative items for your home. Scarecrows provide the perfect means of putting your kids’ old clothes to good use. Simply hang the pieces out or stuff their garments with straw for decorative purposes or to actually help scare crows and other pests away! Kids will ultimately have an entertaining time putting together their best works of art for everybody to see!

Fall Fun With Family
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Corn Mazes – Corn mazes are a common outdoor fall activity for kids that are often found at local pumpkin patches or fall themed community events and fairs. Grab the kids and have a blast while you band together to work your way out of the puzzling maze! Parks with corn mazes make a great hub of fall family activities that keep families occupied in an activity where they are able to spend time with one another.

This fall list of activities can help ensure that families like yours make the most of the fall season and create beautiful memories that will last them a lifetime.

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