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Game Guide

TimesSquare Central Park AdventureCanyon StoryLand WindyHollows Poseidon's Hangout FutureLand AdventureLand MarineLand DownTown EnchantedSanctuary MainStreet PenguinsHQ ConeyIsland Beach Neighborhood

Getting Started

New York (All Ages)

MainStreet (All Ages)

DownTown (All Ages)

Adventure Canyon (All Ages)

The Beach (All Ages)

Windy Hollows (All Ages)

My Neighborhood (All Ages)

The Enchanted Sanctuary (All Ages)

StoryLand (Ages 3-5)

AdventureLand (Ages 5-8)

MarineLand (Ages 5-8)

FutureLand (Ages 8-12)

Poseidon’s Hangout (Ages 9-12)

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