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New Year Gift Tags

Don’t we all just love gifts? This holiday season, make your gifts look more exciting with our simple, but fun, New Year gift tags! While we take great pains in choosing gifts that are special for our loved ones, let’s make an extra effort to add a personal touch to all the gifts. This fun craft activity is a great way to keep kids busy during the holidays and create something beautiful and useful in the process!


What You Need:

  • Card Stock – 2 or 3 different colors
  • Construction paper – 2 or 3 different colors
  • Ribbons of different colors
  • Glitter glue
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Pick up a card stock of any color you like and cut it in the shape of a rectangle big enough to be decorated and put on a gift. (You could also cut it in any other shape.) This will be the base of your gift tag.

    New Year Gift Tags - Simple New Year Crafts for Kids



  3. Choose a contrasting color of construction paper and cut it in the shape of a triangle. The size of the triangle should be a little more than half the length of your rectangle base. This will be your New Year party hat!

  5. Decorate the triangular piece any way you like. You could line the border with sequins, write with glitter glue, or even stick any colored stones!

    New Year Gist Tags - Make Fun New Year Crafts



  7. To make things more interesting, we have cut a ribbon into thin strips and pasted it at the back of the triangle, with a little protruding out.

    New Year Gift Tags - Fun New Year Crafts for Kids



  9. Stick this on the back of your rectangle base. Fill in the name of the person you are gifting this to, and stick it on your gift wrapping paper! Your 3D gift tag is ready!

    New Year Gift Tags - Exciting New Year Crafts for Kids



  11. You can make many such gift tags with interesting designs.

    New Year Gift Tags - New Year Crafts for Kids



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