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Get your family moving
...and find how fitness can be fun!

For years, JumpStart has been creating the best learning games for kids. Now, with Get Moving Family Fitness, JumpStart is making fitness fun too! Discover the ultimate family sports game with fitness expert and mom of 4, Brooke Burke. With more than 15 sports challenges in 11 exotic arenas, Get Moving is the fun, new way to keep your family active!

Basketball Jumpee

Key Features

  • Design your own character to race and play.
  • Build customized routines for extra challenge.
  • Compete head to head or play solo.
  • Play underwater, on a farm, in Egypt or 8 other exotic locations.

Come join Brooke Burke and get the whole family moving!

Brooke Burke

Co-Host & Champion of
ABC's Dancing with the Stars

As a mother of 4, Brooke Burke knows that raising healthy kids means worrying about their minds and bodies. That’s why she’s teamed up with JumpStart to create a game that gets families up, active and healthy together! She’s discovered it’s the perfect way to teach her kids that fitness doesn’t have to be a chore.

  • Access expert tips for more ways to stay healthy.
  • Train with Brooke to make the most of every motion.
  • Track calories burned to see your progress.

JumpStart Get Moving and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Knowledge Adventure, Inc. Wii is a trademark of Nintendo. ©2006 Nintendo.

Find out what other parents think about Get Moving Family Fitness!

“JumpStart's latest Wii title, Get Moving: Family Fitness, is completely different from any JumpStart game you've seen before. Released June 15, this latest JumpStart game is all about getting kids and families active. Featuring fitness expert and celebrity mom, Brooke Burke, Get Moving will do just that.” Read More

Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

“We have found this game is not just for kids, but it is great for the whole family! This is a great was to spend family time that is fun and beneficial!” Read More

Life in a House of Blue

“I was thrilled when I opened the cover and looked at the list of fun stuff to do! They had Basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, racing, balance games like: dodge-ball and pinball, and even stuff like step aerobics, boxing, ice-skating and even... wait for this... flying! How cool is that?!” Read More

4 Nuts in a Nutshell

“As a family we thoroughly enjoy JumpStart Get Moving: Family Fitness. In fact, the first time we played Kora & Logan liked it so much they cried when we had to stop for lunch!” Read More

2 Wired 2 Tired

“Another great feature is that before each game, you’ll see Brooke Burke demonstrating the various moves your kids need to know in order to do well in each game. This really helped the girls with understanding the rules. Plus, after each game you’ll get a tip on how to stay active and be healthy outside of game play.” Read More

An Island Life

“C and I have been having a blast competing against each other. Even little M try's to get in on the fun. Just like the other JumpStart games we have played C's favorite thing to do first is to create her Jumpee girl. After we have our ultra cool clothes and bright pink hair we headed for the games.” Read More

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